Zhong Cha – Yunnan Pu Er Tea Brick – 7581B

RM 39.00

This Pu’er tea is one of the most representative ripe Pu’er tea in the world. 7581 represents the 8-grade raw material tea of the year 1975, also the code name of Kunming Zhong Cha Tea Factory. 7581 is a high-end product in China Pu’er Tea selection. Raw materials come from Pu’er City, the origin of Pu’er tea. The tea trees are planted on rocky soil on the mountain over 2000 altitude, have significant characteristics of “Fresh, Aromatic, Rhyme and Sharp”. Having floral aroma which is strong and long-lasting. Not only taste pure but also having sweet after taste. The liquid is golden green, clear, and bright. You can taste noticeably with your mouth, tongue, and teeth. Loved by lots of people.