Taetea – Zao Chun Qiao Mu (1801)

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The weather becomes cooler after rainfalls in Autumn and Double Ninth Festival is around the corner. A warm Pu’er tea is your best choice in the season.

After 15 years, Taetea releases a new high-end tea for the first time – Menghai Zao Chun Qiao Mu ripe tea. Released on 21 September 2021 in Yinchuan city, it has been the most attractive star product in this Autumn.

Menghai Tea Factory first launched Menghai Zao Chun Qiao Mu ripe tea cake. As a high-end Pu’er ripe tea, it was a classic premium product of the Menghai Tea Factory. Not only having green food and organic certificate, but it has also been praised and called as “Low-Cost Organic Round Tea”, “Two Eyes”, etc.

In 2018, the classic Menghai Zao Chun Qiao Mu round tea remade.

Menghai Zao Chun Qiao Mu <1801> selected the premium Old Zao Chun Qiao Mu tree from Menghai county as its raw materials, produced with delicate fermentation technology of Menghai Tea Factory. It is one of the premium high-end products of Taetea in 2018. Taste thick, mellow, smooth, sweet with a noticeable aroma of the old tree. It is suitable for drinking and also the collection purpose.

Awake the tea 1 time before drinking.

First Brew:

Liquid is bright light red, caramelized aroma, taste sweet, smooth and mellow.

Second & Third Brew:

Liquid is red, full of caramelized aroma, taste full-bodied, thick, smooth and mellow.

Fourth & Fifth Brew:

Long-lasting caramelized aroma, taste mellow, sweet, smooth and thick. Having a sweet after taste.

Sixth & Seventh Brew:

Taste mellow and smooth. The aroma mix perfectly with the liquid. The aroma can keep for a long time in the cup.

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