Taetea – Star Asia (1601)

RM 600.00

To memorial the first China-ASEAN Entrepreneur Forum held at Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan at the end of December 2016, Taetea has launched this memorial tea, Star Asia at the beginning of spring in 2017.

【Speciality】Using 8 years tea leaves from Lancang area high mountain big tree as raw material. The teacake is round and full, at appropriate tightness, with a strong sturdy tea stalk. The liquid is bright orange-yellow. Having rich, different type of scent, strong smoky smell. Taste thick, strong, salivating, fast sweet after-taste and refreshing.

*Due to the recent market price fluctuations, please contact us directly if you are interested in buying more than 1 piece.

Contact No: 013-922 0866

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