Ripe Pu-Er Tea benefits

Ripe Pu-Er Tea benefits

Pu’er cooked tea benefits

Ripe Pu’er tea, is a black tea, produced in Yunnan Pu’er City. Tea is rich in organic matter and mineral elements, and is conducive to human health.

Ripe Pu’er tea for the crowd
Ripe Pu’er tea is a popular tea, any person is suitable for drinking. Children drink to help digestion, promote the development of children increased, and add a short of children with zinc deficiency and so on; the elderly drink beneficial to longevity; poor stomach drinking can help spleen and stomach.

Ripe Pu’er tea effect
Ripe Pu’er tea with refreshing, clear eyesight, stomach warm stomach, help digestion, beauty to lose weight, fresh tone, anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, anti-cancer cells, radiation, anti-atherosclerosis, prevention of coronary heart disease Antibacterial anti-inflammatory, clear drug, reduce heavy metal poisoning and sober effect. Which support stomach warm stomach, weight loss, lipid-lowering, anti-aging, to prevent arteriosclerosis, to prevent coronary heart disease, blood sugar, blood pressure, anti-cancer effect is most significant.

note! Pregnant women should not drink Pu’er tea may lead to fetal development; menstrual women should not drink, Pu’er tea affect hematopoietic function and can not absorb iron, women in the menstrual period will be iron deficiency and the need for hematopoietic blood; children should not drink frequently, tea elements affect children Calcium absorption. Hypoglycemia should not be frequent in the fasting drink.