Qiyuan – Early Taste Da Hong Pao (1kg/125pack)

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Wu Yi Mountain Tea by Qi Yuan National Tea, a vintage flavor Da Hong Pao(Big Red Robe) tea made with a traditional charcoal roasted method.

Belongs to a middle fermentation tea, rice paper packaging with a traditional print. Being wrapped manually. A real vintage feels tea.

How to Brew?

Firstly, put 1 pack of tea (8g).

Seconds, the water temperature should be at around 98°C.

Brewing time at around 20 to 25 seconds.


The liquid is in brown-orange color.

A thick aroma with charcoal roasted flavor. Taste smooth, rich and with a floral-fruity honey scent.

Tea Leaves After Brewed

The tea leaves are strong and tight with a charcoal roasted scent.

Storage Method

Place in a dry and ventilated place without any strange odor.

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1 box / 125pack= RM 678

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Weight 1000 g

Tea Shape

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