Taetea 0562 – 2018

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0562 Ripe Tea is a regular product of Menghai Tea Factory invented in the year 2005. This tea cake is released at the 1st Anniversary of the restructuring of the tea factory. Menghai Tea Factory using its 65 years of tea production experience and produced this product intending to inherit the ancient and modern to recreate a new, glorious future. It also won the special gold prize at China Tea Expo in the year 2006.

Using selected Yunnan big leaf tea from Lancang River Basin as raw material, made with Taetea processing technology (selected into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China). Teacake is round and tight, having an even surface. Taste thick and full-bodied, high sweet, and long after taste. The liquid is smooth and slightly astringent, the sweet taste will stay longer at your throat.

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