Taetea – Chun Qiu Da Yi (2001) 7pcs

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Special Launch: Taetea Banzhang Ripe Tea

【Chun Qiu Da Yi】<2001>

Year: 2001

Type: Ripe Tea

Style: Teacake

Weight: 357g/pc

Raw Material: Selected old tea tree leaves from Bulang core production area, processed with Taetea premium processing technology(selected into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China).


The teacake is round and fat, the strong and sturdy brown-red color tea stalk looks perfectly with the golden tea buds. The liquid is dark, thick and with a red shine.

The scent of dry tea leaves, liquid and also in the cup is rich and special. The scent of wood, sugar and a hint of floral. Taste thick, layering with some bitterness of tannin. The liquid is silk and elegance, feel refreshing in the mouth and long-lasting after taste.

The fermentation is just at the point. The brown-red tea stalk and tender buds left a lot of mellowing process. Worth tasting in each stage.

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