Taetea – Thick Smell (Ripe) (1701)

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Taetea 1701 batch of Thick Smell ripe tea – the tea to the golden sprinkling surface, taste mellow, sweet and smooth. “thick”, phonetic characters, from the unitary, sound Yan, “unitary” and the wine, the original meaning of tea, wine and other beverages taste thick. “Pu’er tea name all over the world, the taste of Thick Smell, especially the capital of the”, which is the Qing Dynasty Ruan Fu “Pu’er tea” in the opening of the language, is also the “Thick Smell”

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Product background – “Thick Smell” products in 2006 successfully developed. “In the strong tea, taste thick”. The use of medium-strong tea broth fight, stout gold sprinkling surface, tea is very ornamental. Cotton paper color on the use of cooked red, and tea cake tea color fusion, the atmosphere calm. Ring upper font and the same as the green cake, are “tight, in the strong, evenly”, while the lower was: “stale flavor, taste thick , rhyme thick.”


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