Taetea – Thick Smell (Ripe) (1701)

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Taetea Thick Smell ripe tea of 1701 batch – the tea has a golden sprinkling surface, taste mellow, sweet and smooth. “Yan酽”, phonetic characters, sound Yan, means tea or wine that tastes thick. “Pu’er tea is famous all over the world, the taste of thick Smell, especially valued by the capital”. This is the opening of “The history of Pu’er Tea” by Ruan Fu from the Qing Dynasty, also the origin of the name of this tea cake.

Origin Most of the raw materials of Taatea Pu’er tea come from the birthplace of tea trees in the world – China Yunnan Menghai County, the core production area of Pu’er Tea. Technology The Taetea Processing Technology was selected into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, boasts rich technical content, constantly innovate the blending technology and fermentation technology. Thus Taetea has a numerous classic Pu’er formula, applying a microbiology technology for tea making. Culture & Collection Every Taetea product has been well-designed with its unique and profound humanistic connotation, very suitable for collecting and tasting! Age More than 70 years of focus on Pu’er tea field, with rich storage of different year aged raw materials. Most of the old Pu’er tea products currently in existence are from the Menghai Tea Factory.

[How To Brew]

Ratio: 1g Tea Leaves : 30ml Water

Water Temperature: 100°C

[Brewing Time]

First Brew: 20 seconds

Second Brew: 20 seconds

Third Brew: 25 seconds

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Product background – “Thick Smell” products in 2006 successfully developed. “In the strong tea, taste thick”. The use of medium-strong tea broth fight, stout gold sprinkling surface, tea is very ornamental. Cotton paper color on the use of cooked red, and tea cake tea color fusion, the atmosphere calm. Ring upper font and the same as the green cake, are “tight, in the strong, evenly”, while the lower was: “stale flavor, taste thick , rhyme thick.”


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