Moon Cake & Tea Combination

Moon Cake & Tea Combination

Moon cake and tea combination

Moon cake and tea is great combination. When moon cake’s sweet meet tea’s sweet, taste complements each other; from the health to see, digestion refreshing tea is also a healthy choice of the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, what kind of moon cake with what kind of tea, very particular about.

Sweet moon cake

Jujube mud, bean paste, lotus and other moon cake taste very sweet, in the taste, drink mint tea or green tea is better. This super sweet moon cake is not easy to digest. Light green tea and mint can enhance glucose metabolism, not too much sugar to stay in the body.

These two kinds of tea are cold, suitable for hot sweet moon cake, but hands and feet easy to cold or stomach weak people should not drink, or after dinner and then shallow drink.

Greasy moon cakes

Egg yolk, double yellow, mushrooms, such as meat filling the moon cake more greasy, but also drinks Pu’er tea, chrysanthemum tea, and hawthorn tea. Greasy moon cakes are suitable for heavy flavors of tea to remove greasy.

Pu’er tea is the best match; Pu’er attribute sweet cold, fat effect is good, and chrysanthemum general anti-fire effect. In addition, the slag tea can promote gastric acid secretion, help gastrointestinal digestion.

Nuts moon cakes

Nuts moon cake with ingredients elegant, thin filling more, Luzhou refreshing, not broken and so on. Tasting, you can choose to drink green tea. Green tea with the characteristics of tea green leaves, bubble tea color green, taste fragrance. The rich aroma of green tea can reduce the nuts moon cakes because of filling varieties and more to the appetite to bring greasy feeling, so that the taste of a fresh harvest.

In addition, green tea because of its considerable anti-oxidation effect, become a favorite of women’s beauty and thin body, more able to digest the accumulation of nuts. With a transparent glass pot brew a pot of good tip or Longjing, it is green, feast for the eyes.