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  • 7692_1801

    Taetea – 7692 (1801)

    by wong tea
    RM 43.00 Incl. GST

    7692 is one of the regular ripe tea cake of Menghai Tea Factory. Using premium selected Yunnan big leaf tea as raw material, made delicately with Taetea processing technology (selected into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China).

    Due to its special aging recipe, this product has noticeable “sweet, mellow and smooth” characteristics, always loved by a lot of consumers. The tea cake is round and regular, not too tight, and is easy to pry. The color is bright black and good looking. Packaging with cotton paper, having a fresh and simple look. Everything is so familiar just like meeting an old friend. The liquid is brown-red, with a noticeable sweet scent. It is slightly bitter at first but having a sweet after taste later.

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  • dongding-20pack

    Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea(200g/ 20pack)

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 86.00 Incl. GST

    Being praised as the “Holy Tea” due to its rare production. Only made by tea tree grow on a high mountain above 600-1000m altitude. The liquid is in honey golden-green color, taste refreshing and with high fragrance aroma. The sweet after taste stays longer at mouth and throat. It also is used in the bath by the royal family back in history.

    The road on the Dong Ding Mountain near Lugu Township, Taiwan is very steep and foggy. The tea farmer needs to “froze” their feet when they go to pick tea on the mountain otherwise they might fall down. Hence, they call the top of the mountain “洞顶Dong Ding” which mean the frozen top, and the foot of the mountain “冻脚Dong Jiao” which mean frozen feet. The production is limited and precious.

    This tea has a half-round ball shape, in dark green color with a natural fresh fragrance. The liquid is orange-yellow, taste mellow, thick and with Osmanthus aroma. Comes with a strong sweet after taste.

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  • tt75422018

    Taetea – 7542 (1801)

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 240.00 Incl. GST

    7542 batch 1801 uses a blue background packaging with a round of this year zodiac, dog. Pack with a bamboo sheet and put it in a bamboo basket. Using young, tender leaves at the surface, strong sturdy leaves inside a balanced formula. The surface is black with obvious buds, the inner is strong. The aroma is pure and long-lasting, taste thick, and full. The taste change with time.

    [How To Brew]

    Ratio: 1g Tea Leaves : 30ml Water

    Water Temperature: 85-90°C

    [Brewing Time]

    First Brew: 25 seconds

    Second Brew: 25 seconds

    Third Brew: 30 seconds

    *Due to the recent market price fluctuations, please contact us directly if you are interested in buying more than 1 piece.

    Contact No: 013-922 0866

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  • OTS0011

    Premium Grade Alishan Jin Xuan Tea

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 220.00 Incl. GST

    Jin Xuan tea is a semi-ball type Paochong tea made by Jin Xuan tea leaves. Comes from Nantou County in the south of Taiwan, on the mountain at 1000 to 1600m altitude, being covered under fog and made with a traditional method. The liquid is clear honey green color, with natural milk and osmanthus aroma. The highest grade Jin Xuan tea always comes with a milky scent, taste mellow and rich.
    Since Jin Xuan also be planted on a high mountain, some people also consider it as a type of Taiwan High Mountain Tea. Jin Xuan tea tree grows in Nantou County and Alishan Township. In 1980, Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station has cultivated a new variety of tea tree and named it Taiwan Tea No 12 (Jin Xuan). The tea leaves of Jin Xuan is fat, thick and tender. The special flavor of Jin Xuan with milky and floral scent win the heart of a lot of female and young consumer. This milky flavor only exists in Jin Xuan tea but not other tea types.

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  • ttwzys

    Taetea – Thick Smell (Raw) (1701)

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 145.00 Incl. GST

    A gifted scholar in Qing Dynasty wrote in “The History of Pu’er Tea”,  “Pu’er tea is famous all over the world, the taste of thick Smell, especially valued by the capital”. This is also the origin of the name of this tea cake.

    “Yan酽”, phonetic characters, sound Yan, means tea or wine that tastes thick.

    Thick Smell is the newly invented formula by Taetea in 2006, as a classic, drinking series. Thick Smell 1701, made with selected sun-dried big leaf tea from Yunnan, undergoes appropriate fermentation and is pressed with high steam temperature. The smell is strong but not violent, with smoke aroma. Indeed a premium raw tea.


    Most of the raw materials of Taatea Pu’er tea come from the birthplace of tea trees in the world – China Yunnan Menghai County, the core production area of Pu’er Tea.


    The Taetea Processing Technology was selected into the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of China, boasts rich technical content, constantly innovate the blending technology and fermentation technology. Thus Taetea has a numerous classic Pu’er formula, applying a microbiology technology for tea making.

    Culture & Collection 

    Every Taetea product has been well-designed with its unique and profound humanistic connotation, very suitable for collecting and tasting!


    More than 70 years of focus on Pu’er tea field, with rich storage of different year aged raw materials. Most of the old Pu’er tea products currently in existence are from the Menghai Tea Factory.

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  • paktorsm

    WWTEA – Paktor Fruit Flowering Tea(100g / 20 teabag)

    by wong
    RM 49.00 Incl. GST

    Product Origin : Made in Germany

    Food Cert : KOSHER Certificate, HALAL Certificate


    The ingredients are as follows :

    Hibiscus cut

    Apple pieces roasted

    Apple pieces white

    Stevia leaves cut

    Orange triangles


    Lemon peel cut

    Hawthorn leaves cut

    Jasmine flowers


    Health Benefits

    • beautifying and nourishing skin
    • helps in body digestion and detoxification
    • reducing body cholesterol and blood lipids

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  • IMG_1207

    Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 132.00 Incl. GST

    Benefits of Oolong Tea

    1. Boosts your metabolism, causing weight loss.
    2. Lowers cholesterol
    3. Increases mental alertness
    4. Aids digestion
    5. Promotes healthy hair
    6. Betters your skin condition
    7. Stabilizes blood sugar
    8. Prevents tooth decay
    9. Prevents osteoporosis and forms strong bones
    10. Strengthens the immune system

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  • shuixianww cover

    Shui Xian (150g)

    by xantec
    RM 55.00 Incl. GST
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  • tlhlcs

    90’s – Tie Luo Han Set

    by xantec
    RM 250.00RM 1,250.00 Incl. GST

    RM 250 (150g with tea can)

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  • k100p1

    Year 1994 – K100 Tie Guan Yin

    by TERRY GOH
    RM 385.00RM 2,200.00 Incl. GST

    RM 385 (150g with tea can)

    RM 2200 (1kg tea )

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  • WWT0009

    Jasmine Tea (100g)

    by xantec
    RM 45.00 Incl. GST
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  • tt75722018

    Taetea 7572 – 2018

    by wong
    RM 101.00 Incl. GST

    The packaging adopts the red colour theme elements match with Year of the Dog. The red theme illustration printed on white candy paper displays to welcome the prosperity and harmonious of nation. Old recipe, familiar taste, different packaging, brings a new encounter.

    【Selected materials, Classic Combination】

    The liquid is thick red color, having a pure caramelized aroma. Taste mellow, thick, smooth and full-bodied. Having a bold after taste and the sweet, pleasant aroma left in the bottom of the cup.

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