Hong Yin – Chen Nian Pu Erh (150g)

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Chen Nian Pu Erh (150g)

Years: 2010
Pu Erh: Ripe Tea
Weight: 150g


Tea Infusion Color: The brewed tea presents a deep and rich reddish-brown color, revealing the vicissitudes and profound connotations accumulated over the years.

Taste: This aged Pu’er ripe tea offers a mellow and rich taste, with a unique aged aroma. Upon tasting, you will experience the smoothness and mellowness of the tea soup, with a lingering aftertaste, as if savoring the sediment of time and the essence of life.

The 2010 vintage Pu’er ripe tea is not just a type of tea, but also a witness and experience of time.

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