Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea(200g/ 20pack)

RM 86.00

Being praised as the “Holy Tea” due to its rare production. Only made by tea tree grow on a high mountain above 600-1000m altitude. The liquid is in honey golden-green color, taste refreshing and with high fragrance aroma. The sweet after taste stays longer at mouth and throat. It also is used in the bath by the royal family back in history.

The road on the Dong Ding Mountain near Lugu Township, Taiwan is very steep and foggy. The tea farmer needs to “froze” their feet when they go to pick tea on the mountain otherwise they might fall down. Hence, they call the top of the mountain “洞顶Dong Ding” which mean the frozen top, and the foot of the mountain “冻脚Dong Jiao” which mean frozen feet. The production is limited and precious.

This tea has a half-round ball shape, in dark green color with a natural fresh fragrance. The liquid is orange-yellow, taste mellow, thick and with Osmanthus aroma. Comes with a strong sweet after taste.

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