Hong Yin – Premium Pu Erh Gift Box (400g)

RM 128.00RM 200.00

Hong Yin – Vintage Pu’er Ripe Tea 2010, aged for over ten years, offers a richer and smoother taste. Its unique aged aroma gradually emanates with each infusion, while the lingering sweetness felt on the tip of the tongue after sipping is the distinctive feature of this Red Mark.

Over time, the tea liquor color of Hong Yin Vintage Pu’er Ripe Tea from 2010 has undergone a change, usually presenting a deep red or reddish-brown hue. Under sunlight, the tea liquor shines with an amber gloss, slightly translucent. This deep color reflects the tea’s rich and mellow taste and the elegant temperament that has been refined over time.

Packaging: Premium Gift box packaging
Year: 2010
Tea Type: Pu’er Ripe Tea
Specification: 400g / 40 packs x 10g


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2 BOX  RM 200 (Normal Price RM 256)

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