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The efficacy and role of Kudingcha? Chinese medicine believes that Kudingcha tastes bitter, slightly sweet, cold, and enters the liver, gallbladder, and stomach. It has the effects of dispersing wind and heat, clearing the head, removing polydipsia, stopping diarrhea, and treating blood in the stool. The efficacy and effect of Kudingcha mainly include three highs, lowering fire, reducing inflammation, improving body immunity, and stinging bad breath.

1. Lower three high:

Kudingcha is a three-high tea drink. It is a good auxiliary health tea for patients with high blood pressure, high blood fat and blood sugar. It can effectively lower blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar by drinking Kudingcha.

2, fire:

Kudingcha is generally used by people to go to the fire. In fact, Kudingcha is a traditional Chinese natural health drink, and Kudingcha has a heat-clearing effect.

3. Anti-inflammatory:

The Ming Dynasty medical scientist Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” has recorded: “bitter, flat, non-toxic, the southerners take it as a cockroach, boiled drink, quench their thirst and eyesight, reduce inflammation and facilitate bowel.” External use can also sterilize, anti-inflammatory and prevent acne, acne and other epidemic diseases.

4. Improve your body’s immunity:

Kuding tea not only has the effect of reducing three highs, but also is known as the longevity tea, beauty tea and so on. It is a natural multi-functional health care drink tea. Kudingcha can regulate the metabolism of the body in both directions and enhance the immune function in the human body.

5, bad breath

The cause of bad breath is often caused by bacteria that produce unpleasant volatile sulfur compounds that can cause bad breath. Tea polyphenols contained in Kudingcha can kill bad breath bacteria and prevent bacteria from multiplying and prevent bad breath. Therefore, Kudingcha can also help people eliminate the effects of bad breath.

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