Premium Grade Alishan Jin Xuan Tea

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Jin Xuan tea is a semi-ball type Paochong tea made by Jin Xuan tea leaves. Comes from Nantou County in the south of Taiwan, on the mountain at 1000 to 1600m altitude, being covered under fog and made with a traditional method. The liquid is clear honey green color, with natural milk and osmanthus aroma. The highest grade Jin Xuan tea always comes with a milky scent, taste mellow and rich.
Since Jin Xuan also be planted on a high mountain, some people also consider it as a type of Taiwan High Mountain Tea. Jin Xuan tea tree grows in Nantou County and Alishan Township. In 1980, Taiwan Tea Research and Extension Station has cultivated a new variety of tea tree and named it Taiwan Tea No 12 (Jin Xuan). The tea leaves of Jin Xuan is fat, thick and tender. The special flavor of Jin Xuan with milky and floral scent win the heart of a lot of female and young consumer. This milky flavor only exists in Jin Xuan tea but not other tea types.

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