Xihu Ming Qian Long Jing (1 grade)

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【Mingqian Longjing】The King of Green Tea

West Lake Longjing has long been known as “pre-rain is fine, Mingqian is precious!”

For tea lovers, don’t miss the tea that must be drunk every year during this season! Mingqian tea refers to the tea harvested and processed before Qingming. During this time, there is an abundance of sunlight and ample rainfall, which is very suitable for the growth of tea trees. The quality of the tea leaves harvested at this time is also the best, resulting in naturally produced high-quality tea.

Generally, the newly sprouted tender buds are harvested at this time. Although the tea plant will continue to grow after harvesting, the quality and taste will not be as good as the first harvest. Therefore, Mingqian tea is relatively expensive compared to other times.

When brewing the tea, the buds and leaves unfold, displaying a fresh and beautiful green color. The taste is sweet and delicious, with a soft and fragrant aroma, giving a feeling of freshness and naturalness.

100g tea + 304 Stainless Steel Tea Can

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