Pu Er Raw Tea Common Aroma Type

Pu Er Raw Tea Common Aroma Type

Pu’er raw tea common aroma type introduced as follows:

Pu’er raw tea is the choice of Yunnan large leaf drying green tea as raw material, late to suppress; more mature raw materials and relatively simple initial process, making Pu’er tea common aroma types are the following:

Light Fragrance
Light Fragrance is the more common type of aroma in Pu’er tea, which is characterized by a faint smell, but not very obvious characteristics, so people used to call it fragrance.

Pekoe Flavor
Pekoe Flavor is Pu’er tea in the higher level of aroma type, is rich by the characteristics of the villi delicate villi. It is characterized by a more obvious sense of tenderness, and tea and other types of aroma are usually mixed.

Floral is Pu’er tea in the more excellent type of aroma, which is characterized by a more obvious floral characteristics, more common with orchids, a few excellent quality Pu’er tea with a similar longan tree flowering aroma.

Honey Fragrance
Honey Fragrance is common in a certain year of Pu’er tea, because the tea in the latter part of the process of storage, all kinds of substances in the process of changing the formation of different from the new tea stage of the aroma; it is characterized by a clear smell with sweet Feeling, usually people close to the aroma of honey aroma that is honey fragrance.

Pu’er raw tea aroma type, mainly to fragrance, incense, flowers and honey is more common. Generally speaking, Pu’er tea aroma to pure, delicate as well, there are different smell, rough taste times. Through author’s brief introduction, interested friends can also drink in the daily drinking Pu’er tea process, constantly remember and sum up the aroma, the formation of their own Pu’er tea for the type of aroma of insight, increase the fun of tea!

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