Pu Er Ripe Tea Common Aroma

Pu Er Ripe Tea Common Aroma

Pu’er ripe tea common aroma type introduced as follows:

Speaking of specific types of aroma, Pu’er cooked tea to “ripe” aroma type common, are:

Sweet is the more common type of aroma in Pu’er ripe tea; its main feature is that it smells sweet, but there is no specific direction. In general, and daily life sweet feeling close to the atmosphere are summarized in the category of sweet, is widespread Pu’er cooked tea aroma type.

Sugar is different from the sweet aroma type; it is characterized by a clear sense of sweet, and there are more obvious points, such as more close to the brown sugar, the smell of sugar and so on.

Caramel is usually found in the relatively high level of Pu’er ripe tea, which is characterized by the smell of sugar and smell, and more than sugar, with a certain sense of focus or a more strong sense of excitement is more than Sugar is more “ripe” aroma type, people used to call it caramel incense.

Stale Flavour
Stale Flavor refers to Pu’er ripe tea in the storage of a certain year after the aroma of the type, which is characterized by the new tea stage than the Pu’er tea is more calm and stable, is the original aroma type of aroma from the characteristics of conversion. From the aroma characteristics, it is a relatively low frequency of the aroma.

Compared to other tea, based on the Ottawa stack technology and the formation of a unique quality Pu’er tea in the aroma of the style is more mature, more obvious characteristics, changes are relatively small, but this does not affect people’s favorite for Pu’er tea. Pu’er ripe tea common types of aroma, in addition to sweet, sugar, caramel, stale flavor, there are a few other types of aroma; readers need friends in the process of drinking tea in the daily study and summary, to be able to better understand Pu’er ripe tea aroma types and their own characteristics.

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