Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme

Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme

 Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme 

Tea is an internationally recognized health drink, and the first role as a drink is to quench their thirst. Tea can not only solve the body needs the water, and can keep key health; because tea contains a lot of ingredients beneficial to the body, so tea is a simple way to keep health keys. Now more and more people, choose tea as a healthy drink in daily life, but they are not recognized for all the tea, tea friends on their taste of tea has a high stress. This tea must have a good quality, taste, taste, back to the sweet, etc., can make people in this tea can have a lot of good memories. Pu’er tea is the current tea market selling tea, by a lot of love and praise, Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme is quite good, many people drink after some praise endless. At the same time Pu’er mellow taste to taste the people have a review of the feeling of life, to slowly drink, thin goods, in order to feel the life of unspeakable good.

The most primitive use of tea is as medicinal, and then used to quench their thirst. Quench their thirst is the primary condition, is the mouth, throat to moisture, immediately lift the tight hoop dry, so throat rhyme has always been the most favored by the tea, throat rhyme characteristics of great attention. For the more senior master of the tea, the throat rhyme is their evaluation of the important conditions of the merits of tea. Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme is quite good, can be divided into sweet, smooth, dry three aspects.

1) Sweet: Pu’er tea is brought back to the throat back to the throat rhyme, all the tea are all favorite. Sweet taste more subtle, not so fragrant incense, often accompanied by bitter taste, hard to come. Many tea people so like bitter tea, is because the bitter and can return to sweet. But there are not bitter and sweet things, such as Chinese herbal medicine licorice, the entrance is not bitter, there are sweet and sweet taste, Pu’er tea also have no bitter and back to the characteristics of sweet. Tea and more with the first bitter pleasant, Fengshan tea made of Fu Luogong tea, bitter tea at the end; Menghai bud made of white needle Jinlian, is also the end of the tea, can show hard to come. Colorful Yunnan Qing Fengxiang tea of the red seven cake, Chen more than 20 years, bitter taste basically disappeared, but after drinking back sweet rhyme strong, long lasting, is indeed a good Pu’er tea. Early red Indian Pu’er round tea, made of tender tea Jing made, natural aged, Chen more than 50 years, the return of sweet successive, the effect is particularly good, is the best in Pu’er tea.

2) Smooth: “Throat is the first step to quench their thirst, and then add enough water, due to thirst and the resulting depressed immediately to be eliminated, relaxed mind.” Sometimes the weather is too dry, or eat too greasy, dry mouth, boiled water drink more, the feeling is more thirsty, this time if you can drink to a couple of good Pu’er tea, throat so run, thirst The feeling of natural disappearance, comfortable and smooth. General trees old trees of Pu’er tea, after appropriate aging, can achieve the “throat Kiss, broken gully” smooth the realm.

3) Dry: Is the feeling of poor appetite after drinking tea. Tea watery if too sharp or too bitter, will make the throat uncomfortable, resulting dry and dry feeling, strong and even cause swallowing difficulties. Some of Yunnan or outside the border made of Pu’er tea, because the quality is not good, after drinking lock throat (that is, throat dry thorns). Dry feeling in addition to the throat very uncomfortable, but also make people drink anxiety, affect health, so the drinkers better to avoid such a Pu’er tea.

Pu’er tea produce saliva and throat rhyme is really wonderful, Pu’er tea produce saliva effect to form a good sense of throat rhyme. Produce saliva is the secretion of saliva in the mouth. In the traditional Chinese health, saliva is the supreme treasure, “Life extend pulp” reputation. Mouth produce saliva on the one hand can quench their thirst, on the other hand can moisturize their own lives. After drinking tea soup, not only can smooth throat, moisturizing mouth, nutrition life, more to provide the spiritual mood of tea. Pu’er tea is a large leaf tea, tea content is particularly rich, produce saliva function is particularly strong. According to the experience of ordinary tea Pu’er tea, those fresh tea products, or just put two or three decades of aging tea products, caused by produce saliva is “cheeks produce saliva”; leave thirty or forty years Pu’er tea, tea after the entrance There will be “tongue produce saliva” phenomenon, the so-called “tongue Pu’er tea” beauty; and leave fifty or six years of good Pu’er tea, tea has been turned into a very flexible, reached the realm of the entrance, not only Can stimulate the cheeks and tongue surface produce saliva, but also aroused the “tongue at the end of spring” effect, throat rhyme and drink the mood are more wonderful.

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