Taiwan Dong Ding Oolong Tea (200g)

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The effect of frozen top oolong tea is as follows:
1. Prevent tooth decay:
In addition to a cup of tea after a meal, in addition to being able to thirst and refreshing, oolong tea also has the effect of preventing tooth decay. The cause of tooth decay is due to the intrusion of bacteria into the tooth tissue, and the production of enzymes that cause tooth decay in the tissue. This enzyme and the sugar contained in the food act to produce substances that erode the teeth. This kind of material that can erode teeth and bacteria adhere to the teeth to form tartar, and tooth decay occurs after accumulation. The polyphenols contained in oolong tea have the effect of inhibiting the production of tartar enzymes, so drinking a cup of oolong tea after eating can prevent tartar and tooth decay. After long-term experiments, scientists have shown that eating rats containing polyphenols will reduce the chance of tooth decay. If you don’t have time to brush your teeth after meals, it is also a good choice to prevent tooth decay by drinking a cup of oolong tea.
2. Eliminate reactive oxygen that harms beauty and health:
Active oxygen is a substance produced in the body due to factors such as ultraviolet rays, smoking, food additives, and stress. It changes the body’s fat into peroxidized fat, which causes lifestyle-related diseases and hinders health. At the same time, active oxygen can cause skin aging, wrinkles and other series of problems that hinder beauty. In the human body, there is an enzyme SOD that can successfully decompose active oxygen. This enzyme is an indispensable substance for keeping the Jiankang Fujian Oolong tea introduction g1) and beauty beauty. The polyphenols of oolong tea have the same function as SOD, and can promote the function of SOD to eliminate active oxygen.
3. Drinking 1 liter of oolong tea a day can improve skin allergies:
Some surveys have shown that the number of patients with dermatitis is mostly due to atopic dermatitis, but the cause of this dermatitis has not been clear so far. However, oolong tea has the effect of inhibiting the development of the disease. Experiments on the development of inflammatory symptoms of the skin in white mice have confirmed that oolong tea has an inhibitory effect on dermatitis in white mice. In addition, an expert discovered that 121 adult patients with allergic dermatitis had been treated with existing steroids and anti-allergic drugs, but they could not improve the condition until later. After drinking 400 ml of concentrated oolong tea daily, after a month, 78 (64%) of the patients showed significant improvement in symptoms.

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