Zhong Cha (912001) Aged Liu Bao Tea (2009) 150g

RM 98.00

Brand: Zhong Cha
Name: 912001
Grade: Grade 1
Compression Year: 2009
Original Specification: 50kg per bamboo basket
Original Packaging: Bamboo basket
Sales Specification: 150g per tea gift can

912001 Liu Bao Tea is made from Grade 1 raw materials, with fine and uniform strips. The tea soup exhibits a clear reddish color, with a faint woody aroma and betel nut fragrance. It has a rich flavor, with a rapid and distinct sweet aftertaste, and a full-bodied mouthfeel. 912001 undergoes significant late-stage transformation, with fast conversion and good quality, making it one of the preferred choices for Liu Bao enthusiasts.

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