Taetea – Rose Puer Tea (1601)

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Early in 1996, Menghai tea factory out of the outsourcing of Taetea licensing roses purple printing of raw and ripe cake, Menghai tea factory is the first use of “Taetea” trademark produced Pu’er cake tea, it is called Rose Taetea.

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Known from the beginning of 1996, the first batch of rose benefits, to 2004, during the period also out of a few batches, and from 2004 to 2016 between the Taetea of Menghai tea factory did not come out of the Rose Taetea this Tea. Now, Taetea of the classic to reproduce, 1601 batches rose big benefits born, is the largest benefit of one of the most high-end ripe tea, the use of selected raw materials fermentation, selection of the most high-end quality match together.

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