Taetea – (2001) 7542

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The 80th Anniversary Special Edition TAE 7542 has fully reflected the value of Tea Making Skills in a single piece of tea leaf. Beside tasting and its collecting values TAE 7542 {2001} Sheng Pu, which has undoubtedly inherits the initial mind of making tea.

7542 , The Raw Pu’er (Sheng Pu ) is widely regarded as a Classic Sheng Pu by numerous tea lovers . It is well known and recognized in the world with the largest output of TAE Pu’er in Meng Hai Factory. The 7452 Sheng Pu is well blended and fully structure. The taste and its quality has always been stable which fully reflects ‘ the beauty of blending’ of TAE Pu’er.

As a ‘ Trademark Product ‘ for reviewing the quality of Sheng Pu. The 7542 with Its fertile green tea as base and tender sprouts on the surface. The dark lustrous tea tone moist with visible soft buds. The aroma of the tea is pure with floral fruity fragrance, thick and mellow long lingering after taste. The tea soup is yellowish bright , the base leaves are even , after storage the taste of the tea leaves varies when times goes by.

In the long history , The Family Series of The Famous Classic 7542 , eg, 73 Green Cake, 88 Green Cake , 97 Baby Blue Print , Purple TAE, Red TAE , Blue TAE and JIAN BI YUN [2001] had created a great impact and captured the hearts of Pu’er tea lovers.

The everlasting 7542 , the varies changes and taste is inseparable from its unfailing quality. The success formula has made its production standard an Industry Standard and The Standard Measure of Raw Pu’er tea .

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