Taetea – 7582 (1401)

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The core purpose of this tea is to represent the real taste of Pu’er Tea. Not only inherit the tradition of Pu’er tea but also made with premium technology and selected raw material. An affordable good tea for every Pu’er tea lover.

Firstly produced in 1980, is a regular product of Menghai Tea Factory. In 1985, Hong Kong Southern Trading Company start to customize 8582 tea. Compared with 7582, 8582 uses more tea stalk which is better for the late period conversion process. 8582 is too famous at the time which caused the 7582 tea to stop production. 7582 only remakes after the 90’s. It is produced every few years same as the custom-made “Purple Sky” teacake by Southern Company. The price is always higher than the 8592 teacakes made in the same year.

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