Taetea – 8582 (801)

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Taetea 8582  <801> (Raw Pu’er Tea)

8562 is a traditional raw Pu’er tea. Firstly launched in 1985, is a tailor-made tea by Hong Kong Southern Company, distributed by them too. Use a combination of Grade 5 to 10 sturdy, new and old tea leaves. Taste thick, mellow and salivating. Transform fast along with time. Is another well-known raw tea after 7542.

The teacake is regular, slightly tight with an even surface. The liquid is bright orange-yellow, taste mellow pure with an aged aroma. The tea leaves in yellow-green.

[How To Brew]

Ratio: 1g Tea Leaves : 30ml Water

Water Temperature: 85-90°C

[Brewing Time]

First Brew: 25 seconds

Second Brew: 25 seconds

Third Brew: 30 seconds

*If taste astringent or bitter, please decrease the brewing time or lower the water temperature. Those who love a pure aroma flavor can increase the water temperature or brewing time.

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