Zhongcha – Gao Shan Qiao Mu Ming Qian Chun Jian (2004)

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Gao Shan Qiao Mu Ming Qian Chun Jian, formula invented by the experienced tea master, Mr. Zheng Biao Xiong from China Local Products Xuchan Yunnan Tea Import and Export Corporation after years of study. Using selected, natural, wild growth big tree tea leaves from Mengku county, Yunnan. The tea tree grows above the 1800m altitude without any pollution. Processed with the traditional sun-dried method.

The whole production is strictly under the watch of tea master Mr. Zheng to get a premium teacake. Shape as the full moon, tea stalks are strong, tight with obvious silver buds. The aroma is special and pure, tastes thick, mellow and has sweet after taste. The liquid is bright orange-yellow.

Drink a sip of hot tea can clean your mind and heart. Only produced 2000kg of tea, each piece weigh 400g. It is an unmissable product for Pu’er tea collector. Limited to 600 bags.

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Tea cake atmosphere, the use of fine materials to the main tea buds, cake pressure is tight, drink, incense flavor, tea quality, late conversion is very optimistic.

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