Taetea Teacake – Classic Raw Pu Er 7542 (1701)

RM 220.00

Taetea 7542 is a regular tea which will be released every year, a benchmark raw Pu’er tea recognizes in the Pu’er tea sector. It is famous for its stable quality. 7542 of the year 2017 is having a different color packaging with others. Using golden glorious packaging, pack in a bamboo basket. A classic eternity remake of 7542.

7542 raw Pu’er tea just like a brief development history of Pu’er tea: 73 green teacake, 88 green teacake, purple Taetea, red Taetea, orange seal. All these ‘senior’ Pu’er teas are the past and present of 7542. The high and rise histories for centuries just make 7542 an insuperable classic raw tea in the heart of many tea lovers.

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