TAETEA – 7542 (1901)

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Not only has a long history, but 7542 is also the largest amount of raw Pu’er tea produced by Menghai Tea Factory. It is a traditional formula and the benchmark of raw Pu’er tea. With the formula of the year 1975, grade 4 tea leaves, mainly bold and sturdy tea leaves inside, young and tender tea leaves on the surface. The speciality of 7542 is the realm of balance, consistency, and harmony. 7542 using the formula invented in 1975 which has been used continuously for 40 years. Its position is unchallengeable even though Taetea keeps released new, classic tea formula. It can also be considered as a family heirloom of Taetea. 7542 <1901> using the traditional packaging, white color as the base, and Taetea red as main with a hint of champion blue. “First place第一名” words were printed at the left of the center. And “Zhong Hua Lao Zi Hao中华老字号” at the right of the center. Clear and easy to be seen.

The liquid is bright orange-yellow, obvious long-lasting floral and fruity aroma. The strong aroma stays longer at the bottom of the cup. A stable structure that can satisfy your smell desire. Compared with other 7542 tea, we can say this is the champion among them. 【First Brew】Refreshing and sweet, light astringent, obvious floral and fruity aroma. 【Second, Third Brew】The sweet aroma blend in the liquid, slightly astringent but disappear fast, good for the promotion of saliva secretion. 【Fourth, Fifth Brew】The taste truly appears, full of layering, average mellow and thick, fast sweet after taste, full of fruit and floral fragrance, very refreshing. 【Sixth, Seventh Brew】Multiple layering sensation, long-lasting sweet after taste and salivating, taste sweet and mellow. 【Eighth, Ninth Brew】Pure sweet aroma, taste sweet, mellow, salivating. Those who taste Pu’er tea for the first time must love this sweet and refreshing taste. 【After Brew】Sweet and comfortable.

7542 raw tea is indeed the first choice of raw Pu’er tea for everyone.

[How To Brew]

Ratio: 1g Tea Leaves : 30ml Water

Water Temperature: 85-90°C

[Brewing Time]

First Brew: 25 seconds

Second Brew: 25 seconds

Third Brew: 30 seconds

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