Taetea – 8542 (1901)

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Invented base on the formula of 7542 by Mengku Tea Factory. Use stronger materials and the taste is more thick and strong.

The teacake is regular and at appropriate tightness. The tea leaves are in black mellow, strong and sturdy with obvious buds. The liquid is bright yellow, with a pure high aroma in sweet honey scent and slightly smoke feel. Taste sweet, mellow, thick, slightly bitter and astringent. Salivating, feel fresh and rich with long-lasting after taste. The leaves are yellow-green.

First, Second Brew

The liquid is bright yellow, strong honey scent with a slight smoke feel. Taste sweet, mellow, refreshing. The obvious honey scent left at the bottom of the cup.

Third, Fourth, Fifth Brew

The liquid is bright yellow with a rich aroma. The smoke scent mix with the honey scent and has a light floral scent. Taste rich, thick and slightly bitter. The bitterness appears fastly with strong refreshing, sweet after taste. The honey scent stays longer in the cup.

Sixth, Seventh Brew

The liquid is bright yellow and clear. Pure honey scent with slight smoke flavor. Taste pure, sweet, mellow with slightly astringent. Sweet after taste which will be flavoring full in your mouth.

Eighth, Ninth Brew

Long-lasting honey scent. The liquid tastes sweet with slightly astringent. Taste long-lasting and full of comfort.


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