Taetea – Huang Jin Jia (1801)

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A top product in Monkey zodiac year series tea. Premium handmade quality. Using “King of Monkey” as the main figure fully represents the demeanor of a king. High collection value and ideal for gifting.

Most of the people who saw the name of this tea will recall the name of the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower满城尽带黄金甲”. But actually, this phrase comes from a poem named “不第后赋菊” by Huang Chao(a leader of farmer rebellion at the late period of the Tang Dynasty).

不第后赋菊 A Song For Chrysanthemum After Flunk

When the autumn and Double Ninth Festival arrives, Chrysanthemum blossoms and others wither.

The fragrance spread widely in Chang An city, the whole city with golden color.

The raw material of this tea is using the old tree tea leaves from Yi Wu, Bulang area. A combination of mature and strong tea leaves. The teacake is round, regular, appropriate tightness. Covered with a golden surface, thick and smooth.

“Huang Jin Jia” belongs to one of the new series “Golden Leaf” of Taetea. What is the “Golden Leaf”? It is the newest, tender tea leaves of a tea tree that has been processed and colored into golden color. The liquid is also bright yellow so we call it “Golden Leaf”.

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