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Stand still and brave even when the country is encountering its dangerous period. “Master Generation” is an 80th-anniversary memorial tea of The National SouthWest Associated University by Taetea. It is to pay tribute to the great spirit of the students and teachers who persist in their hearts and beliefs while facing the cruelty of war. The demeanor of a master and also the charisma of a tea master.

No matter tea or human, the most important is the endless spirit energy that stays inside our hearts.

“Master Generation”, takes a lot of effort and creativity in its packaging. Printed with 5 masters on the surface, from the left: Zhou Peiyuan, Liang Sicheng, Sun Daichen, Lin Huiyin and Jin Yuelin. Their tough figure just so inspiring and respectful.

At the upper is the logo of NSWAU, the design of the logo is an equilateral triangle with the name of “Associated University联大”, there are 3 lines inside which represent 3 universities. The three lines meet at a point which means 3 universities combine and become The National SouthWest Associated University. The stability and the sharpness of the triangle in the logo fits exactly the “Strong and Tough” characteristic of the motto of the university.

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