Taetea – Wu Zi Deng Ke (1701)

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Five, always a meaningful number in China traditional culture. In the concept of 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), having an average of 5 elements means that you are having a great destiny. A short five-character-quatrain(五言绝句) contains a rich, simple and interesting meaning. “Wu Zi Deng Ke五子登科” (5 sons all becomes scholar), the elder always hope their sons to be successful one day, a beautiful hope.

In this century which people pursuing a good life, surely we also name a tea with a good meaning. Have you ever notice, in the recent 10 years tea product of Taetea, “Wu Zi Deng Ke” is the most used name among these teas. They use it in raw or ripe Pu’er tea, in small or big teacake, in regular tea or gift set tea.

The story of “Wu Zi Deng Ke” has been passed for thousands of years. It has already become a regular greeting phrase and a lucky totem for China’s people’s ordinary life. The origin of the story comes from the Five Dynasties period, there was a man called Dou Yu Jun in Yan Shan(Beijing) who has 5 talented sons. His sons all became scholars one after another. That is the reason why we called it “Wu Zi Deng Ke”. In “Three Character Canon三字经”, there’s a phrase that praised this Dou Yu Jun for being famous for teaching 5 talented sons.

“Wu Zi Deng Ke” using selected sun-dried tea leaves from Menghai county as raw material and made with delicate Taetea processing technology.

The teacake is round and even, tea leaves strong and average with a yellow-green color. The liquid is bright yellow, taste refreshing, thick, and mellow. Slightly astringent but with a fragrance aroma and long-lasting sweet after taste.

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