Xiaguan – Old Tree Tea Cake (2017)

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Selected premium sun-dried tea leaves from ancient Ming Dynasty tea garden at the Mengku snow mountain above 2000m altitude and made with Xiaguan hundreds of years Tuocha making technology. Being stored in Dali “Plateau Warehouse” for 3-5 years. The teacake is round and smooth, the tea leaves are sturdy and tight with obvious neat white buds. It has a fragrance aroma, liquid in bright yellow, taste thick, mellow, and with a long-lasting sweet after taste. The quality becomes better as it has been stored and aged in “Malaysia Warehouse”!

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Xiaguan Old Tree Iron Tea Cake is the best Mengku snow mountain 2000 meters above sea level in the ancient tea garden in the high quality green tea, and in the Dali “plateau warehouse” in the storage of 3 to 5 years later, with a hundred years off the Tuocha production technology refined The Appearance round is smooth, thick and tightly tied, white was significantly uniform net, unique aroma rhyme, soup color golden bright, rich taste long, back to sweet lasting rich, with the taste of the mountain tea flavor. In Malaysia, “Malaysia warehouse” stored in the aging, better quality!

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